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  • HBs Mount Rushmore

    for those outside the US, the ‘Mount Rushmore’ of something represents the top 4 all-time in that category. I was recently reading about the Mount Rushmore of basketball (Jordan,Russell, Chamberlain, and James imo) and I thought about how it would apply to HB.

    Context: I’ve been around for a while.

    In no particular order:

    Hunnypot (has dominated all aspects of the game for years)

    Slaingod (top player in top guilds for years)

    Dalvian (the George Washington of HB. The original beast who led this game in its early years)

    Lanakila (can still dominate when he’s not doing burpees)


    Unnatural Selection (the OG of guilds. Won most events in the first few years)

    Adult $in (unbeatable in the past couple years)

    Dragonborn (there from the beginning, top 1-3 guild for the lifespan of HB)

    Relentless (unbeatable for many years, always and still in the mix )

    Prove me wrong.

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    I thought you were going for heroes, not actually people and guilds. I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly


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      I will point out the fact of humanity.

      1. Shin Soldier: Top recruiter in game. Has grinded his account death. Retired

      2. Nuller: Guild Master and Support queen. Has been around for a long time. Shes more than we all know

      3. BUSCHKA: Loyality to his own guild. Respect


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        All good points. Shin recruited me to Relentless when UnSel retired. And agree that greatness requires more than just points in a tourney. All valid honorable mentions, along with John777, ElephantShoe, and maybe a dozen others.