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  • Anyone for new dragons?

    Hi Everyone,

    First off, congrats to all who participated in the event just gone. It was tight at the top, tight in the middle and....well, tight in all the right places! And by far the most fun event in recent memory (assuming you don't hate bounties).

    Best of all, Adult $in ranked 2nd after a hard fought battle with Dragonborn and Scrubs, so well played to you guys for the immense contest. And of course, props to Relentless for the usual smashing it!

    2nd place also means we'll be getting to beta test the new dragons. Version 2 Primal, Terra and Lunar are on their way, making this the perfect opportunity to make the move over to our guild that you've been thinking about for a while...

    Our pending list is already going nuts, so here are some criteria that we're looking for among players wanting to join:
    1. Decent track record in events - even if you're new that's OK, as long as you've done 1 or 2
    2. Relatively strong squad - doesn't need to be all 150 myths or anything, but if you're under level 80 it's not the best start
    3. Loyalty has meaning to you - we aren't interested in guild hoppers, leachers, spies, backstabbers, etc. Should go without saying really!
    4. Chat participation - you don't need to be the biggest personality in the world or be on LINE constantly, but if you're not on at all it sucks for everyone and is tough to get important info to you.
    5. Sense of humour - you'll need this to be part of the A$ family!

    So if that's you, then apply in game with your strongest squad (if you have trouble finding us, look on the arena leaderboard), or get in touch with Bungral or mmkashyap on the LINE app.

    It really is the best guild out there, and we want you to be a part of it!

    P.S. For newer or lower level players, you can also apply to Fenpire, our sister guild, while you train up.

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    I'd love to help with new dragons if you ever need any help.


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      Hi Shin Soldier, apply in game and we'll take a look at you!


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        Your full right now, if you make a spot I'll request to join. Also let me know who you're removing as well.


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          There ya go - space is free


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            I applied but no one accepted me, I just got accepted into a higher ranking guild I think I'm going to ride this next event out with them.

            thank you for your consideration!


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              Yep, sorry Shin Soldier, we had a look but you fell a little short on number 3 on the list above. We'll leave the door ajar though so feel free to apply again in future. All the best!


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                In all seriousness, I do wish everyone applying to Adult $in the best of luck. They're truly an amazing guild. Any guild that's able to place in the top three has my respect, especially when it's as consistent as it has been in their case.