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Join Adult $in and the fight for number 1!

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  • Join Adult $in and the fight for number 1!

    Dear Awesome People of HB,

    I'll try to keep this brief.

    If you were watching the leaderboard during the bounty event you'll have seen us take the lead and hold it for much of the first 2 days. We couldn't quite keep it up all the way to the end, and succumbed to Relentless once again.

    But. This is the closest challenge for the number 1 spot in nearly a year. We're not going to keep quiet about it - our aim is to take it as soon as we can. We've rebuilt and grown the guild with the very best people out there, but we're still missing you. While we've been building we've maintained a drama-free, relaxed atmosphere, with a group that's a blend of big hitters, solid grinders, up and downers, and 'one last event'ers. What joins us together is loyalty that's as thick as it comes, and a collective sense of humour that means people stick around in chats even after they've quit the game. And in some cases, it even changes their minds about quitting completely.

    So if you want to see a new guild at the top and be part of the revolution, it's time to take the only step you need to take. Whether you're a long time player looking for a change, one of a team of players looking to merge, someone new who's only just discovered the joy of the grind, someone who is about to quit but would like to do something meaningful with your last event, or you just don't like Relentless very much, then apply to A$ and we'll guide you home.

    Message me here, apply in game, or hit one of us up on LINE.

    See you soon.

    LINE IDs: mmkashyap, bungral, not_real
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    Well i would but i got to get top 8 in fen first


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      What's your game ID mate? I'll take a look at how you'd measure up based on the last few events...


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        I'm glad you kept that (Not Real) short, NR‼️ And I fully agree. A💲 Is Awe$ome‼️

        Who are you❓
        A Challenger, or a defender⁉️
        If you want to stand around, and collect prizes, don't join A💲 (We are NOT looking for boring people), But if 'Honor' means something to you, & you wanna be someone who helps change the game? Jump on board, A$ we knock Number 1 off the hill‼️

        And pray our competition doesn't just quit, before we have our satisfying victory.
        That's the only way we would be defeated‼️


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          Guild Assault countdown - 10 hours.

          Let's get you on board before kick off!


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            Current number one guild. Looking for some more members to further increase the banter within.


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              What Frag said.

              We now aren't just the most fun guild to be a part of, we also kick the most ass!

              If you've been thinking about it, then hesitate no more. Even while we're at the top we want to do what we can to cement our place on the leaderboard, so if you want to be a part of that then get involved.



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                Guild Assault on its way in 2 days time. If you want to be part of the fight for number 1, getting a host of new mythics and a ton of resources on the way, join Adult $in and we'll get you there.

                Oh and our team is awesome. Once you join, you'll wonder why it took you so long!


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                  I hope i get good enough one day to join you all. Not gonna even bother applying now since i know i wont get accepted
                  Guild Saints of HB
                  IGN Oh GREAT GOD (Yes i know its bad)


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                    Hello, i am one of the first players in the game. After deleted accounts, i havent played it. Juicebox havent reset my data. I am still asking them for it. They are still writing, that i am on their list. We will see, but now, i am playing on another account (facebook). I will be glad to join you if possible.

                    Thank you
                    sincerely Master Lurker


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                      Sounds good! Get in touch on line with the ID not_real or mmkashyap and we'll take you on


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                        Hi forum-goers,

                        Adult $in is on the lookout again!

                        We're back to the top of the leaderboard with a well-fought battle for number 1. It was a great contest, and we want you to join it!

                        We play hard but fair, so if you are loyal and committed, message me here and we'll see what you can do.

                        No botters please - there's a lot of talk of cheating in the game at the moment and we will continue to stay well away from it. We'd rather finish 2nd if it means playing fair, but best of all, when we win we know it counts for more!

                        See you on board soon...


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                          Dear Diminishing Player Pool,

                          It's time to reach out and invite you all to join us. Everyone who's been keeping a close eye on the game will have seen that Dragonborn is now back to number 1 after taking on the majority of big hitters from Relentless. It took a bold move like that to knock the $inners off the top, so fair play to you.

                          So we now need your support to help us challenge for the title again, in a guild that's full of the most awesome people in the game.

                          If you want to take your grind up a notch, or feel like you've outgrown your current guild, get in touch. All we ask is that you play fair, respect your fellow $inner, and hit the events as hard as you can.

                          And if you think Adult $in might be a step too far to begin with, get in touch anyway. We work with a bunch of alliance guilds who will have space for players of all levels of experience, who are equally brilliant and will help you train up.

                          So get in touch, get involved and get grinding!

                          LINE IDs: not_real or mmkashyap


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                            i would like too.. i like grinding with hardworking mates for the higher achievement such like A$ since my last highest commitment with Relentless was quite good.