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It's 2017, and that means it's time for Jafmus Universe

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  • It's 2017, and that means it's time for Jafmus Universe

    Created as a tribute to the player who is the heart and soul of HB, Jafmus Universe is ready to climb the ranks of this game's great guilds.

    We finished top 25 last event, and we are ready to take the next step. New players welcome, retired players welcome, Portuguese players welcome, all are welcome in our Universe (except cheaters and serial killers)

    Grab your spot before this week's guild event.

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    Yet Jafmus himself remains a member of Relentless.....

    Guess we know what he holds most important.
    Friend Code : LWR-AWS9
    Favorite Hero : Infernius, as the Mad King once said, "Burn them all"
    Former Member of Heart of Oak (never forget your first), UnSel (Dalvian is a legend), Relentless (brief but fun).
    Current Member of Wherever the Hell I Feel Like at the Time


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      Jafmus did not create Jafmus Universe. It was created in tribute to him. Maybe you're thinking of Jafmus Nation, but as you know, the Universe is bigger than any nation.

      Best of luck to to you and your guild in the upcoming event! And to all guilds! But mostly to Jafmus Universe.