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Divine Nightmare looking for guild to merge with.

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  • Divine Nightmare looking for guild to merge with.

    First of all my name is Azaed, I'm the Leader of Divine Nightmare. We were 18th last event,17th the event before that one. We are also currently 17th in the Lunar Dragon event, and we are currently a level 18 guild who Raids often.

    I have noticed that its mostly the same guilds that are in the Top 25 all the time. Also have noticed that some of the guilds that start strong are usually just a handful of players doing all the work and their guilds only have 6 or 8 members in them, then they fall behind because they don't have more members to help.

    To Those guilds i propose that we combine powers. we can merge together and have the top players of each guild in 1 guild to make sure that we can compete with the higher level guilds.

    I'm not suggesting that we kick all the lower level players and let them fend for themselves. We can move them to one of the guilds and have them work together, with help from the higher level players to help them improve. and move some in when we get more space.

    So if anyone is interested let me know, either through the forum or through Line. Look up Azaed