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Want to be number 1? Adult $in is the guild to take you there...

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  • Want to be number 1? Adult $in is the guild to take you there...

    Hi HB world,

    This is to all those players who have been pushing away during events, only to see the top prize rewards out of reach, with thresholds too high to attain whilst playing in a semi-active guild.

    You need to be somewhere that your efforts count, and your score is matched, if not exceeded by those around you.

    Along with most of the rest of the guild, I was in the same position as you - top 3 just about every event, outscoring about 30 bottom players combined, and it was frustrating to say the least! Now I play hard when I can, but still have time for real life, as I'm surrounded by awesome team mates who have the same attitude. So I get online and grind like crazy, and watch the guild total score shoot up impressively.

    Which means threshold rewards! More event runes, more resources, and more, better mythics. Plus the mythic rewards at the end of the event to boot!

    And best of all, this team is made up of the BEST guys and girls in the game. Ask anyone who's part of the guild, and they'll tell you the same.

    If you want to know what it feels like to be on top, then apply in game (find us via the arena leaderboard), or use LINE IDs: mmkashyap, bungral, not_real

    We'll take a look at anyone who applies, so don't be shy. If you don't quite have the squad or resources right now, apply anyway and we'll help you train up in an alliance guild.

    One warning - nobody likes leeches, so if we do bring you into the fold and you take advantage, the boot will come your way rather quickly...

    See you in game soon!


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    Boooooooo Relentless is betterrrr


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      Maybe you should try $inning with us so you can compare? I'll warn you though, once you try life in this team you'll never want to go back...


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        I'm good I'll stick with squad and Rs


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            Jafmus Universe has finished first in 1000 events.


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              Originally posted by Jafmus 4Lyfe View Post
              Jafmus Universe has finished first in 1000 events.
              Assuming you are the last man standing in the game and finally start to play the game than you can get it.


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                I got kicked out a few years ago from adult $in because i dident perform very well. So if you don't spend money on hb dont consider joining any top clan.


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                  A few years is a long time! Nowadays there's a mix of FTP and PTP in the guild - you don't need to spend to put up numbers but it helps if you do (obviously).

                  Joining a top guild does take a bit of commitment. Mostly it's loyalty, communication and time. If you can give us some of those, you'll be just fine.


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                    Anyone can add me new players 72D-1366


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                      I would like to join your guild, my username is Michael_sforza


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                        Id like to give it a shot if at all possible JK1- 43UL


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