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    hello warriors do you have what it takes to be a goose berries! (Yes I know it is a stupid name couldn't come up with a better name.) but I just want to there are only two of us in this guild we need more members. So you can join or help me what I am doing cause frankly I don't know what the heck I am doing! Please help me šŸ˜

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    Hi, this is my ID line: dorutan717. If you need help for donation or raid, let me know. .:-)
    my guild is THE PRIME OF LIFE. Guild lvl is 28. Well, we were top16, top18 and last event top20.:-)
    iā€™ll unlock most of the dragon,
    if you think ww can cooprate to each other contact me if you did not find me contact my officers, destiny 12653.

    37L 5L 76
    fav hero : highlord and dasherus
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