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The Dragonborn is missing one thing...

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  • The Dragonborn is missing one thing...!

    We are a fun-loving group of tough grinders that love to challenge each other to grind tougher! We joke, we love each other, we don't cheat despite what some uninformed gossipers say (and if you cheat, sorry, we do not want you in here), and we want to keep this dying game alive with your help!

    Our motto is RESPECT, LOYALTY, and HONOR! With this motto we have been the number one guild for seven events in a row now! And we want to grow even stronger!

    If you have all 5 squad slots unlocked and are ready to grind your heart out and have a sense of humor, contact DellVince or dnlogen on the LINE app!

    IGN: DellVince (Proud member and officer of The Dragonborn)

    Favorite hero: Evershade Spitter (burn, baby, burn! 🔥)