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Lunarendal is DEAD!

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  • Lunarendal is DEAD!


    We finally did it - the big bad blue suffered a massive collective trauma at the hands of Adult $in and a lot of buddies from the community, pronounced dead at the scene.

    Time of death, 9.10pm GMT 11th March 2018.

    It was only thanks to an enormous effort from a lot of guilds that we did it, and a fair bit of testing and practice in the last few months, so congrats to everyone involved!

    It's by far the biggest challenge of the game, and despite the fact that the rewards are still pants (5% essence and minor lunarendal ring anyone?), it felt great to finally accomplish.

    If any other guilds out there are looking to do the job themselves, let's get a chat going here about the best teams to use. There's a wealth of knowledge out there and it's always good to share!

    Now let's hope that Lunar token has a use someday...


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    AH needs to change rewards...