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    Hello Honorbound! I have been playing the game for a while but haven’t seen very many improvements to the game. I have seen the number of players jump, which is good for guilds and the current owner - But let me ask, Is the current version good for the players? We have been on 4.31.14 for nearly how long now? 2 years at least? Every time I talk to even a somewhat new player they have said somewhere that the game needs at least a minor update. Not saying that adding and updating dragons hasn’t improved HB as a single example, but there are still so many things that would help it. A list of requests, improvements, and bug fixes I have found and listed, (from many different players and me). And Yes, I definitely see that AH is a lot more caring about this game than KHG. While in the first up loading screen, in the bottom right corner, it still says the BUILD Is 4.31.14, the current being I think 3.7.0. Two more guild ranks, co-leader to improve auto-promote because I occasionally hear people saying they couldn’t play, and later on when auto-promote happens, the new leader doesn’t give back the guild. (Platinum color badge) And Executive officers, with abilities that minor officers don’t have. Some things that should be restricted are buying relics and declining applications (not accepting), have a few things such as raids summoned off of date and scheduled unlocks failed to be unlocked on set date and restricting raids to officers. (Available accepting applications, kicking members, changing guild settings, leveling up the guild, (Cyan color badge) Not having to be filled either of these, but a max of 3 on Executive Officers. One thing most members and officers will like, would be having a way to pay members and other ranks in your guild. Anyone to anyone. Another guild improvement I have seen all to much of - there are now players over 1000 days inactive, leading a guild, set to ask to join. If this is the case why are they popping up in recommended? If this is the case, set it to Open or remove it from the recommended list, as it just takes up space, where active guilds could be using these players. But a random list, so as not the top 25 guilds are the only guilds showing and more the smaller guilds. The 1 big thing that everyone sees. Campaign heroes. I have seen people capture heroes such as Naema 2* and Derrick 3* and barely having 100 power, if they have that. We all go out in the next event and can summon epics with 130+ power. A random minimum legendary prize had 317 power at 1*. Plus that isn't even much power anymore. Make it worth even thinking about and donating or using in a ritual. Same with bronze, silver, and elite runes, also including rampage, favor, and guild prize. Raise at least a little bit in power please, for the younger players. And the collection summon (favor) is absolutely useless. The withered rampage I believe is a great character, but scarlet grinner has 94 power. 94. As a legendary warrior. Next up, Have the OPTION, not requirement, to send an application, but with a small description of the player themselves. Like a small message sent that explains why they want to be in this guild, what they can do, etc. One thing older players have, arena’s Mega Battle Token! I have 59 of them. I was told a year ago almost that shortly they will be converted to summoning emblems. Please convert or remove these. And a lot of the oldest players who still do play have said that they want different events like those back. I have heard of the capture and sacrifice as 2.The 2 things asked non-stop on global - How do I use summoning emblems? How do I use favor and find my code? Please add this to the beginning tutorial, and add the option to skip the tutorial. 1 huge issue I see players of all commander shape and size say is that occasionally their device kicks them off of Honorbound. I find the older the device model, the more frequently it happened. I don’t know if it is a device or brand issue, but look into this please. In the bottom right corner, some random thing from the shop covers your mana. The arena still has the thing from season 1 where it still says lose honor, always 0. One recommendation for the arena is for there to be a Target list - The way I understood it, for there to be an icon with the commander symbol in the left arrow. The reason this should be here is if you fight a mythic there is usually a big “?” in The commander profile pic. With each different commander defeated, for it to be filled in with the profile pic. So first battle, you fight Dark Knight. When choosing his squad to attack, he should have the “?”. After fighting, AND WINNING, the target list to be filled in, the name under it, and for the picture to appear when you see him in a battle. In first battle, every commander should be blacked out if they haven't been fought, and as they have, for them to be filled in. Another campaign issue is that when I had my Pyromancer at 110, and went into the 1st cataclysm, I got destroyed. It said recommended below my level, but I was totaled. Next, All the players in bigger guilds use line. Pretty much all of them. An in game version of private chat would definitely help. Player and player chat for example. 1, you don’t have to go out of game, 2, it provides an easy, in game private chat to players who don’t want to go out or can’t get the private chat. Also I know what disables people's chat, the weird characters (keyboard). I don't know why it does this or of it can be fixed, but this would be an amazing improvement to a LOT of players. Your guild flag (if in one) is displayed at the beginning of an arena battle. Another half finished part of the game. The other person has no flag, so Again, finish or remove this note. I remember a few heroes only, Big Ballow, Garrothe Half-Blood, Undead Mystic, The retriever, etc. These all have secondary attacks, most of them are almost never seen as a basic attack. Dark, Lightning, Crushing, Disease, Ice, and more crushing are the secondary attacks of all the types of heroes, 4 of the 5 are almost non-existent except for abilities. Try putting these as a main attack in some of the heroes. An expansion of the option of selling gear would be nice for smaller players, adding a quantity to sell, adding this to heal potions and energy packs, plus please make it to where it won’t move you back to the beginning of your stuff. Seeing that this game is not set at any current time, 1 new type of hero from a while back I have seen and heard of is a Brute. In the game, power, attack, abilities, leave it to the creators, but it should be similar to a warrior, a bit stronger, and more oversized, without ranged or magic attack. Their downside to be magic attacks, abilities prefer to avoid dual or multi attacks, and honing more in on stronger hits such as Mazur’s Ice ability, DoT damage such as primal blow, and attack boosts such as Furious Roar. Speaking of the boosts, I haven’t seen a difference since I used campaign heroes, a percent buff or increase so that it is noticed would be cool. I did an assault, and got 6 runs in. A level 90 player from my clan didn't survive 1 round with buffs. With level 15 heroes In my squad, I fight enemies at 40 - 70. It is ridiculously hard and time consuming anyway, make this easier and more even to smaller players. A dragon fight is noticeable, normal battle, not so much. Not that big of a difference, but a lot less than that. Multiple times lately, the end of the arena battle runs continuously, still acting like a fight, no rewards, victory, dying, auto-battle, and if you exit and restart the game you lose your progress and rewards. One of the biggest requests I have heard and am listing is that the game is a basic game. Chat, weekly events, and a few other odds and ends were nice touches. What the player said is that being a basic game, he said he had VERY limited WiFi and could only get on for about 20 minutes a day. He requested that the basics of the game be converted to offline parts. I understand that some of it can't, but to disable those parts where I am altering the statement. Chat I know won't work without it, I doubt events will unless it is solo, and view squads to be denied, and any other things. This player requested that the basic campaign and maybe arena if it works to be available offline. This is a list of issues and requests that I would like to see worked on, along with many more HB players. This is a huge list, it took me 3 months to put together. I don't want to become hated for adding this for any reason, but for slowly and steadily it to be worked on. I have seen AH improving on the game, A TON MORE than KHG did. Such as the release setbacks of prizes. A mere few hours compared to a unmere few days. So I do understand that they have been working on it. I would like these to be additions to their To-Do list. I prefer these to be a few improvements at a time so that the players know AH is working on it. My clan has even said that they would have them focus more on updates than events. I hope this does get read over, Thanks. - Crusher, Reckless, and many many players on global.

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    If anyone has AH's response and opinion, I think that I would like to see it. I probably didn't do the best revision to this if anyone sees anything, or if something in there goes to something else. Anyone else with any other improvements or recommendations is welcome to add on to that.


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      I have read the post and I have brought it to the attention of AH. I doubt there will be an offical reaction to it but I am sure your points will be discussed and considered.


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        Wow Crusher, that is some serious improvements there, if these r to be fulfilled by AH, this game will go on to next stage, and it's true that the game is not truly updated in any way for years now,
        IF AH is planning to keep earning money and get even more players and customers, than i think this list by Crusher should be pushed up and game be updated as said, no one wants to lose this game and that's way we r still here after 4 years, i still don't get it, why don't AH priorities in game improvements?
        we old players who love the game r still here in hopes of getting game improved, plus once it does, more and more new players will come this way