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  • ENDLESS KNIGHTS recruiting


    Leader :


    Officers ;

    Bungral - The tranquil one - Purgatory666 -Jumpjumpp

    bill 42 -Atlas Dragon - Lupinthrope - Fraggle - Not Real

    RCosta -Danyull Da Destroyer - Xzerxz - Jasonwalker

    Requirements of our guild :

    Line messenger app is MANDATORY. No requests will be accepted without introducing yourself via line app, or here on forums.

    Only ACTIVE players are fit for applying.

    Any player who is inactive
    for more than 4 DAYS without intimation will be booted with a notice.

    Players applying are expected to be above LEVEL 100 and have a decent squad with a total HONOR ABOVE 10000.

    Players applying should participate in all GUILD EVENTS (genuine excuses are considered).

    We will have a CUT-OFF LIMIT for the every event, which will be intimated soon after event starts.

    Players not satisfying the mark will be REMOVED after the event (the cut off will be reasonable). Solo events are optional.

    Players are expected to MAINTAIN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with other players in the guild and on forums.

    Discussions made among the guild members must stay within the guild itself. We appreciate

    The decision of the Leader will be the final decision.
    Players can approach us here or on Line to know the status of recruitment and to avail a spot in the guild.
    We have worked really hard, spent a lot of time and resources and put in everything into this game
    and have come up as a Top Tier Guild.

    Why chose our guild?
    We have come up from a very dramatic beginning where most of us were in inactive guilds. We were fed up of inactive and incompetent leaders and decided to form a new guild. We were a hand full and it took us a long time to get ourselves going. Our goal was to be a dominating top guild in the game. We have always surpassed our goals and have been outstanding in every event till date. After a few major kickbacks, we have managed to pull ourselves together and get back up stronger. We offer friendly and helping environment in our guild and believe in - guild first, self later. There might be bigger guilds out there, but we're the best of what we are.

    Alliance Guilds

    The Royal Stags - Fires Of Liberation - ​Release The Reapers

    For applying, please look us up on Line - mmkashyap, thetranquilone.
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    My Line applicatuon 's data erased :s players who wanna get back in touch with me, please add me back. Its the same id - mmkashyap.
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      Officers updated.
      EK is now level 33!

      Looking for good players asap.
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        Officers Updated.

        EK is now level 34 and climbing!

        EK is looking for a merger (to take in players). Any one interested please PM me on Line messenger.
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          i am interesting, my name in game isbrabrabra, aal my warriors in lv 100, how i do.


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            Roglads, please add me on Line messenger so I can take an interview and discuss further. Thanks!
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              messenger? whats messenger? or in friend mode? or application?


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                where I think this line messenger? in playstore? with that name?


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                  sorry for my bad english, i am speaking basic english.


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                    Line is an app that you can find in the play store, most guild use this app for communication. It is a free app to download.
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                      hello friend found the application and has already added you, look forward to in our conversation, my English is not very good, but I will strive.


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                        You guys are doing a merge with 12 communist


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                          I would like to join your guild my commander is at level 113 the rest of my hero's are all on level 110


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                            Thank you for showing interest!
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                              Officers updated! EK is level 35!

                              WELCOME 12 COMMUNISTS!

                              We are looking to pierce through the top tier. Come join us!
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