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Guide to Applying for Guilds

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  • Guide to Applying for Guilds

    I've been seeing a lot of different posts for people applying to guilds (in our own thread, and I read others too...) and I thought I'd drop a few pointers on what GM's/Officers might be looking for..
    Obviously every guild and everyone is different, but here are some things I'd like to point at to the HB player base, (in my opinion) which might make your posts more recognizeable..
    Take it with a grain of salt, and I'm happy for any criticism/additions from the other GM's..

    1) Read the guild's charter/description/philosophy.. there is nothing more important than finding the right fit... if you're interested, post in the thread...
    #1 Corollary) Posting in more than one guild's thread at a time is probably frowned upon (as in.. no seriousness/dedication to one guild.. or seemingly desperation).. if you're gonna post and switch, at least wait a few

    2) While you don't need to post every vital stats.. something in general like.. age range (20-30), location (US, Australia, etc), and how long you've played are helpful

    3) Honor score isn't always a reflection... but certainly anything over.. 20k these days might be reasonable to talk about.. anything less, maybe not

    4) Any arena events that you've finished in the top 20 should be mentioned

    5) If you are applying for the TOP 10'ish guilds, please refrain from posting the normal, "i have these legendaries which are' : ROL, Icy, Asan, HKG, Aurum, Fen, etc, etc.. everyone has those...

    Instead, try posting those from the events that tell us how really well you do: Inquisitor, Otran, Batholry, Lochlan, Fionnul, Pyrelord, Maelgorl, Venomlord, Shogun, Bladelord, Warboss, Lightlord, Tanistran, Lord of Crows, Haletha, Razorspine, Cryonic, Torch-Bearer, Devourer... You get the idea..

    6) Some of you may not have all the 'big-time' event heroes - that's OK!! A listening of how many events you are top 100, or top 300 even is great! (and then post what you think are your top heroes)

    7) A general idea of what type of player you are is helpful - f2p, occasional p2p (cheap bundle here/there), serious p2p (ya, i'll drop $50-100 bucks every month or so), insane p2p (if you don't know.. don't ask)

    8) A good sense of 'what you think you'd be able to do for the guild' ... or what you hope to get out of joining the guild (friendships, learning skills in playing the game, be #1, etc) is helpful

    9) If you know someone, or someone referred you.. or have friends already in the guild, please mention that

    10) Lastly.. if you've ever been in a guild yet/currently in one (and if so, why you're switching) is good info..

    I hope this is helpful info to you.. and I wish you all luck finding a good home.
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    Excellent guide here! I support it fully. There is only one aspect of an application that is highly important to my guild. We touch on it in our recruiting thread, but I will elaborate more so here:

    COMMUNICATION! Our guild doesn't use in-game chat. But keeping that in mind as how we do things, I believe communication is essential to the success of a guild. New content arrives and sometimes a collective intelligence and information sharing is one of the most important benefit of being in a guild.

    We use the line chat app, but there are many options out there. We prefer players who read up on the important notes weekly (daily during events). In a perfect world, all players are reading new information as it comes in because guild strategies change constantly during the launch of new content.

    Examples of why:
    "Hey guys, we need another blue key ASAP!"
    "Alright folks, at 9pm EST unleash the dogs of war!"

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      This topic should be considered for a Sticky to stay on top. Tons of very useful information.
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        Great post! I'd like to add, as Dalvian did, that communication is key - at least in our guild, and I think in many. We too use Line to chat and share info. We have had applicants say they will communicate and install chat - and maybe they do install it - but they never communicate. We very much prefer to hear from people before they try to join so we get a sense of whether they will fit our group.
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          im trying to find a top 150 guild right now... n my squad is shit.:/ not an obseesed legendary collector. have gorg the bold risen rager lunar commander scarlet grinnr companion confessor in my squad. also have confessor fela alshin n two legen rogues nvr gonna use. RoL and spider queen. not a rly active player. play every day or two days. still do well in arena... but my usual guild in top 150 just died now in 200...


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            +2 for Sticky, Great Guide Boog!
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              Since there's a lot of new people in the game.. I'm giving this thread a little bump
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                Kool thread
                I left the game


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                  Additional Helpful Tips In Applying:

                  1. Follow instructions
                  2. Be honest
                  3. Don't sound as if you're already a member

                  Good luck !
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