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Payouts for the PvP event week

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  • Payouts for the PvP event week

    Hi HonorBound!

    There has been some confusion about how the payouts for arena works during event week as it was our first.

    On weeks where there is arena event, the payouts are based on the event leader board, not the PvP leader board.

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    Yet, in-game, it says for the weekly tournament the diamond prizes for award specifically for the TOURNAMENT.

    This is called a SCAM, and the awards should be paid out as normal for the weekly tournament. This is royal bull. We wouldn't have wasted more arena packs (people like me) to come top 20 in the weekly tournament otherwise.
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      Also Karin, I am going to quote you from another thread:

      Originally posted by Nuller View Post
      Wow, tempers are really running high. It's great to see so many people care so much about the game. We were promised an arena event and it looked different than we expected. That tends to set off people around here.

      Here is what I see some hours into the event. It is like an arena week with an event on top. There are even two different score boards, the honor one and the event one. Almost all other weeks the top squads with the lvl 150 mythics rules the arena. This week others have a chance to join in and get some prizes too and the top players can still play traditional arena, if they prefer.

      True, there is no commander up as threshold. Instead we can save from week to week, event to event and pick our own. People stalking test accounts have also spotted new comms so it should be very surprising if they will not be up at some later time.
      If it really is an "event on top of weekly tournament" like you said, then why are we playing it? What about people that didn't want to participate in the event (and didn't have to like you said)? Many of us didn't want to play this dumb arena event because the prizes were awful, but we still wanted the diamond and strongbox prizes. So basically we have to pay $$$$$ to get the mythic to have a high multiplier to come high in both events and get rewards for just the weekly tournament?

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      IGN: DellVince (Proud member and officer of The Dragonborn)

      Favorite hero: Evershade Spitter (burn, baby, burn! 🔥)


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        Update from Tyler:

        This week people will get diamonds based on the best of their event OR PvP placement.

        In the future, all PvP prizes will be paid out based on event placement when there is an event.