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  • The Butcher pack

    The Butcher, NEW mythic
    Magcryx the Older, mythic
    Vigmar the Frozen, mythic

    Oolotos the Feebleminded, NEW legendary
    Daughter of Evershade, legendary
    Tawlon the Survivor, legendary
    Evershade Burrower, legendary
    Clarion the Farsighted, legendary

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2C661C6B-6D23-4BF2-A3CB-0CF3D84C4BF8.png
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ID:	121978

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Name:	E2858317-222A-4E1A-B809-470A4DDFDD9B.png
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ID:	121979

    The Butcher, abilities: Deadly Poison, Lunar Ward, Mass Regen

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Name:	1EB4E0E6-A0CD-4201-B48E-6DBB1DC5E9EC.png
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ID:	121980

    Oolotos the Feebleminded, abilities: Burning Chant, Fiery Cleave, Haste
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    Couldn't figure out anywhere to post about this. I'm not even sure if its an issue or not. The Butcher Pack is in the shop again, but the bundle pop ups aren't offering any runes... Is that new to pay packs? Here is SS of the $20, $50, and $100 bundles showing up for me. Apologies for the 1st SS, my battery was almost dead
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    Lvl. 130 Evershade Spitter++
    Lvl. 130 Feralkin Sharpshooter++
    Lvl. 130 The Oracle++
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      It's a mistake. Thank you for calling attention to it! It will get fixed asap.