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Introducing HonorBound Champion!

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  • Introducing HonorBound Champion!

    Expected start November 1.

    Coming up is the introduction of the quarterly HonorBound Championship!

    After each guild event, the 20 players that scored the highest in that event (regardless of guild) will be posted on the forum on a separate leader board.
    #1 gets the number 20, #2 gets the number 19, etc.
    After each event during the three months duration, the numbers gets added up and an updated HB Champ leader board will be posted.
    At the end of the three months, the 20 HonorBound Champions will be announced and prizes will be given (see below). And then we start over with another three months.

    #1: 4 Mythic slime boxes, 5 Champion boxes
    #2: 3 Mythic slime boxes, 1 regular slime boxes, 4 Champion boxes
    #3: 2 mythic slime boxes, 2 regular slime boxes, 3 Champion boxes
    #4-10: 1 Mythic slime box, 3 regular slime boxes, 2 Champion boxes
    #11-20: 4 regular slime boxes, 1 Champion boxes

    The Champion Box will have high-end resources.

    Please note that the score count is for the guild you finish the event in. If you moved around before guild lock, only the score from the final guild counts.

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    Sickkkk 😃😃


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      If the idea is to spread the rewards around between the guilds, this won't really accomplish that. When 2 guilds hit over 120 million in the last portal event for instance, it is hard to imagine more than a token player or two outside of those guilds from hitting the top 20. Maybe it will spur some additional spending or something for an event or two, but it will be obvious after the first month who will be in the top 15. The portal keys are too big of a score multiplier. It may even push a few more big scorers into the top two guilds (which I am not against just an observation). There is also the fact that portal events scores are 10x a bounty, and 3x a Guild Assault. It is also focusing on individual score (runes) over teamwork (keys).

      You could tweak it some, by normalizing the scores along those lines. You could not count portal points. You could count glyphs collected and vault keys gathered as some sort of large bonus that would offset some of those tendencies to overvalue plain points.

      I could be wrong, have been in the past for sure


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        Those are good points, Slain. Most are not possible to add at right now but might be in time. This is new initiative and may well need to be adjusted.


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          With the ios 12 fix on its way out now (, the first HB Championship is on!


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            Yeah, call it a first run that will require tweaking.


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              I guess I misread how the scoring works? If it really is say for someone who comes in over for example 4 events:
              1st, 5th, 20th, 10th = 20 + 16 + 1 + 10 = 47 total
              then that does remove the variability based on the event type, so apologies.


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                That is how it's counted. And the leader boards after the guild event (accumulated and for event) will be out soon.


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                  Can we get an updated leaderboard with running totals? Not just for each event individually. (Unless i missed it somewhere)