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The Ash Skull Pack!

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  • The Ash Skull Pack!

    The Ash Skull, NEW mythic
    Shinju of the Grimshadows, mythic
    Strato the Incorrigible, mythic

    Re-Sui, NEW legendary
    Marietta the Buccaneer, legendary
    Hrckza the Secret-Keeper, legendary
    Daughter of Evershade,legendary
    Ebizo the Fearsome, legendary

    Click image for larger version

Name:	90D4E28F-888D-43D8-B8C5-93C8C9A1985B.png
Views:	70
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	122588

    Click image for larger version

Name:	A0DDD023-1D25-40EA-9CF9-015D12686BEF.png
Views:	78
Size:	992.6 KB
ID:	122587

    The Ash Skull, abilities: Primal Infusion, Burning Chant, Mana Infusion

    Click image for larger version

Name:	A83D9C19-A93B-47A6-B21E-A7503E0E9E9F.png
Views:	61
Size:	1.10 MB
ID:	122589

    Re-Sui, abilities: Minor Heal, Mass Regen, Mass Heal

    Packs are 10% off in the web shop,
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    The new mythic would be good if anyone actually gets it instead of Strato all the time


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      7 pulls and I got 3 Strato! That's bull shit.... Im not spending on packs anymore if you guys dont make it better. Should at least make all the 3 mythics usefull!!!


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        Got 2 Stratos in 1 pull, so I guess I can't complain as much, even if I'm never using him.
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          I spent a bit more and i got this Skull.... hehe