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Arena season 3 wrapping up and season 3.5 starting soon

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    To clarify: What is says in the pop-up screen and in the post it refers to is that if you want to change your account name or clear your account of logins, that process will cause your honor to go to zero.

    This option is not new, it has been offered since Sept 20. The popup is to make sure that players who do not visit the forum knows about it and to remind players, who waited because of season 3 and season 3.5, that now is a good time.
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      Brilliant. So no one imagined a sentence like 'New named accounts get their honor reset' but new season's reference there seems fine? What's going on actually...


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        Written communication has many ways of being misunderstood. What is clear to one peron may not be clear to another so your feedback is valuable. The text has been edited to, hopefully, avoid misundestandings.


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          That's why we do what we do, isn't it? Thank you and let's keep things clear.