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Prizes for 4 day Solo Portal

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  • Prizes for 4 day Solo Portal

    A second chance to win:

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Name:	51C65447-3DE2-4B59-B4F8-A18B36182B17.png
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ID:	122713

    The Creeper, abilities: Steal Spirit, Deadly Poison, Primal Invocation

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Name:	BAF279C6-7C50-4EEC-83C0-09889F7829AD.png
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Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	122715

    The Undertaker, abilities: Necrotic Cut, Toxic Spray, Mana Infusion

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Name:	38096162-9611-46CA-92CE-878ECAEF50ED.png
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Size:	1.07 MB
ID:	122714

    Tlaloc the Swift, abilities: Dark Shot, Void Arrow, Entropic Arrow (4)

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Name:	96E2C8B8-725D-443B-83F5-EFAB91BF9E8E.png
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Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	122716

    Hilda the Rightious, abilities: Blessed Defense, Crusader's Chant, Aegis Guard

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    "Hilda" will always be Katherine in my heart. Hopefully we'll get a Mythic version of her someday (with good skills please!!)!
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      Decent hero’s for those who haven’t been playing for long. How about releasing the raging fury in a solo bounty. It’s been almost two year since we have seen this hero in an event and seeing as it was not originally a pay pack hero there should be no problem getting the devs to do it next month for Xmas. I recommend that the threshold be 300k just like originally. Thank you and I hope you give us spenders and people who help keep AH making money a decent change to their teams that they desperately need.