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Arena season 4!!

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  • Arena season 4!!

    Arena Season 4 kicks off on January 7th. This means that when that week finishes we will get honor bonus again, working towards the ranking prizes for season 4.

    Arena Season 4 finishes when arena week finishes on August 19th. At that time, honor and ranks will be reset in preparation for season 5.

    You receive a weekly honor bonus based on your result for that week. There is a limit to how many ranks you can move up pr week. As you move up in rank, you will earn emblems, gear, heroes and commanders:
    Vengeful Gladiator The Avenger 340 M
    High Warlord Thresher the Immortal 240 M
    Warlord Akaname the Meticulous 169 M
    Veteran Commander Rejuvenating Signet 118 M
    Commander Ring of Burning Sickels 82 M
    Veteran Centurion Darkrealm Orc Grunt 62 M
    Centurion Valorhall Healer 51 M
    Veteran Legionnaire Norrec the Redeemed 41 M
    Legionnaire PVP Necklace of Haste 32 M
    Veteran Guard Minor Essence Ring 25 M
    Guard Charm of Contained Flame 20 M
    Veteran Grunt Commander Summoning Emblem x200 15 M
    Grunt Ring of Light Resistance x2 10 M
    Brawler Dragon Marks x 100 5 M
    Scrapper Commander Summoning Emblem x20 1 M
    Screen shots of the new commanders and heroes are posted below.

    The arena week finishes each Monday (see time in game) and the prizes are paid out on Tuesday.
    1st 10,000x Diamonds 2x Gold Strongbox
    2nd 5,000 Diamonds 2x Gold Strongbox
    3rd 3,000 Diamonds 2x Gold Strongbox
    4th-10th 2,000 Diamonds 2x Gold Strongbox
    11th - 20th 1,000 Diamonds 1x Gold Strongbox, 2x Silver Strongbox
    21st - 32nd 1x Gold Strongbox 2x Silver Strongbox
    33rd - 100th 2x Silver Strongbox 1x Bronze Strongbox
    101st - 500th 1x Silver Strongbox 2x Bronze Stronbox
    501st - 1000th 3x Bronze Strongbox
    1001st - 2000th 2x Bronze Strongbox
    2001st - 3000th 1x Bronze Strongbox
    Strongboxes hold essence, gold, ember or commander emblems. Gold boxes also may hold a PvP rune to a pack that is only visible in the store if you have such a rune.

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    Ranking heroes:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	3CC95B65-ADCC-4043-A893-4D2CF77D6BAC.png
Views:	2168
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	123565

    Valorhall Healer, abilities: Minor Heal, Mass heal, Channel Mana

    Click image for larger version

Name:	6D8091E6-7D16-4045-B44D-FEDF6AE44BC7.png
Views:	2175
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	123563

    Darkrealm Orc Grunt, abilities: Entropy, Primal Ward, Mana Infusion

    Click image for larger version

Name:	596E1F77-7086-4D03-9A56-1862872AA146.png
Views:	2222
Size:	1.07 MB
ID:	123561

    Akaname the Meticulous, abilities: Deadly Poison, Steal Spirit, Mana Burst

    Click image for larger version

Name:	910881DD-31A0-41C6-8A5C-596B4E0A884E.png
Views:	2219
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	123564

    Thresher the Immortal, abilities: Brilliant Blow, Mana Infusion, Demoralizing Cry
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      Ranking commanders:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	3B97C3BE-BF80-4765-A072-0875512C2090.png
Views:	2261
Size:	1.10 MB
ID:	123558

      Norrec the Redeemed, abilities: Deep Slash, Hellfyre Strike, Sword of Dirges

      Click image for larger version

Name:	348A95EC-51D2-4295-BE4B-20866EF44E99.png
Views:	2247
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	123559

      The Avenger, abilities: Siphon Life, Invocation of Terra, Haste
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        What are all these? I mean can we see screenshots with them numbers of:
        Ring of Light Resistance
        Charm of Contained Flame
        Ring of Burning Sickels
        Rejuvenating Signet

        Some heroes could be better but since it's another good couple of top two rewards and a haste necklace it's worth contributing


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          Looks great! That top comm has 3 excellent abilities. Thresher is top notch too


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            I don't know I was hoping for something better than this no new art no New burn hero haha frankly I'm a little disappointed best thing about this is the gear I'll be playing for that more than anything Arena season three was way better than this buries this by light years really not trying to be negative or anything but come on guys y'all can do better than this I knew y'all have been working really hard and working really hard on stuff but damn same art same guys just a little stronger different abilities I was hoping for something better I'll definitely be playing for the gear however
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              So much to all the people who got top 25 in the mini arena event to get a better commander with siphon life just to get an even better commander with siphon life like really two new commanders back to back with siphon life not cool if I knew The Avenger was coming out I wouldn’t have even tried in the mini arena event


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                I kind of like it. It makes arena easy and since I have the best commander in the game And they clearly will never make anything better, I don’t have to spend a dime. Shout out to Ferro for putting in work and also to KHG for at least giving us good heroes some of the times 🤣


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                  Hi guys! Not sure where my buddy Dell disappeared to(probably playing SWGoH)! So I will take a stab at a review here!!!

                  Vallorhall Healer: 0/10 raids 0/10 arena.
                  Minor Heal: Meh Mass Heal: exspensive but weak (good for low rank players)! Channel Mana: Decent but not the best mana utility. Useless in raids and will be destroyed in arena against Burn Squads!

                  Darkrealm Orc Grunt: 10/10 primal raids 5/10 arena.
                  Entropy: May be a wet-noodle dot, but honestly nice to see a dot on a Ward knight against dragons! Most remove Necrotic Cut from their rotations due to mana management, so nice to see a low cost dot on a Ward hero(all extra dots help damage per turn! Primal Ward 4: Self explanatory! Mana Infusion: Perfect for raids as it stacks in combination with the +2 mana Regen guild relic allowing huge mana returns in the later rounds! 5/10 for arena for the Ward, and Mana Infusion( Ward to protect against Oracle, Infusion for squads using high cost abilities:PB, BB, and Noxious Cloud)!
                  Artwork: Meh!!! Honestly how many times will we see this guy re-skinned? AH has made enough $$$ from just the Ash Skull pack to hire an Artist( Go-Go-Go)!

                  Akaname the Meticulous: 10/10 raid 5/10 arena.
                  1st lets talk about his affinity: Spirit! Perfect for those raid squads still using Paracelsus (Invo 4). Also good raid combo when paired with The Mask. Both will benefit from Para's Invo 4!
                  Deadly Poison: Hands down the best poison ability in game! Only needs to be applied once, and lasts forever!
                  Steal Spirit: This small heal-over-time is often overlooked. Never seems to go away in raids, and works well in squads against 4* dragons able to survive all the triple strikes!
                  Mana Burst: Big mana boost at the start of combat is always great in both Arena and Raid situations for those squads using high costs abilities (PB, BB, Primal Infusion)! Always nice to have to use these abilities on turn 1!
                  Great raid hero, situational for Arena. Some MAY use this in arena, but most won't bother. A good PB or BB hero plus 3 burners is all that's needed for guarenteed 2nd round victory! Personal Artwork rating: Meh (not a personal fan of Ninja-based heroes on HB except for Shogun)! They just look creepy!!! Pls hire an Artist AH! JB heroes still have the best Artwork in-game!

                  Thresher the Immortal!!!!!!!: 10/10 raids 10/10 arena!
                  Omg, finally a high Power Mythic Thresher :-) As mentioned before JB artwork still looks amazing! Always been a fan of Thresher (even the commander Revenant Thresher)! Just looks cool!!!!
                  Brilliant Blow: Some agree that this move is the best bleed in-game(stronger than Primal Blow)! I like them both. Extremely overpowered! Curious to see this guy maxed out @ 3* level 150!
                  Mana Infusion: Mentioned before as a perfect Raid utility!
                  Demoralizing ROAR*: De-buffs are always nice whether in Arena or Raids. Would rather have seen Haste for Arena purposes, but can't expect every hero to be over-powered. Great hero all around, and as with both Season 2 (Para, Mask), and Season 3 (Mael, Lythol), the final prize hero seems to work well with the Top Prize commander!

                  On to the Commanders:
                  Norrec the Redeemed: Refill Fodder:-(
                  Cool re-skin, but honestly no use except for starting players (Power 155 instead of 150)? Good for Arena/Energy event fills, or maybe even cap @ low level to use in events (upgrade from legendary commanders as they die alot)? Abilities are Meh :-( (Both LoP, and Greenmist Ghost have better abilities to use as Event commander, both have PB, and Ghost offers a small heal and mana utility)! Situational commander

                  The Avenger: (Power 270 yikes!!!). 10/10 raids 10/10 arena.
                  Siphon Life: Great in raids on a commander! Extremely overpowered heal period! My personal favorite raid heal! Should be easy enough to pull off on later Morales with the other 3 Arena Champions mana utility abilities!
                  Terra Invo 4: Plan to use the New Thresher? Check! Terra Rogues with DP? Check! Terra Burners in Arena? Check! Terra Healers (some are out there! Would even boost damage of Inferno from The Decoy)? Check!
                  Haste: Self explanatory arena utility!

                  As always these arena seasons are situational and long! To Be Played at the players personal preference! Want to play for resources/strongboxes? Go for it! Want to play to check out the new gear? Go for it! Happy with last year's heroes? Play free energy for prizes (season 3 I managed to bonus for Lythol without spending any $ or resources)! I'm happy with my Gladiator commander awarded for Season 3.5, great abilities and Artwork programmed by JB, but DO look forward to the gear from this season and the Mythic Thresher!!!! Cheers and good luck to all participating!

                  Thnx for reading and hope this review help!!!

                  P.S. (Why no Burn Chant heroes like in past Seasons)? :-(
                  Current Squad,
                  Lvl. 130 Paracelsus the Equestrian
                  Lvl. 130 Mother Leviathan++
                  Lvl. 130 Evershade Spitter++
                  Lvl. 130 Feralkin Sharpshooter++
                  Lvl. 130 The Oracle++
                  Friend code:9S8 JAW2
                  Former member and officer of Terravuallen (The 1st!)
                  Former member and officer of Saints of HB
                  Former member and officer of Elite Scrubs
                  Former (but still proud) member and officer of Relentless
                  Currently a proud member and officer of
                  The Dragonborn


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                    Rejuvenating signet was a very limited reward for an event years ago. It is a small heal after each turn. I don't recall if it stacks with other 'regen' type heals or not.Useful for low level commanders (60ish) in events, but otherwise not game changing for higher level heroes/commanders. (I would never put it on an event hero in case there was another 'oops event heroes wiped' issue.)

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	RejuvenatingSignet.PNG
Views:	1999
Size:	23.9 KB
ID:	123604


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                      And we're off!


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               I right heroes won't need to be researched anymore?


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                          Originally posted by deviant View Post
                 I right heroes won't need to be researched anymore?
                          No, they still have to be researched. We tried to get around it last season but found they could not be added directly.


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                            Originally posted by Karin View Post

                            No, they still have to be researched. We tried to get around it last season but found they could not be added directly.
                            Can you please at least shorten the research then..? Recent timers are inadequate at all. Spending weeks to spend another almost 3 weeks to finally get the reward is weird...

                            P.S. I don't mind keeping commanders same long but the others.


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                              Right now it is unchanged. I agree it would be great to have it shortened.