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  • Schedule for January

    This is what is lined up for January:

    Friday 4th: 4 day Solo Portal (resource event)

    Monday 7th: arena season 4 kicks off (see threshold prizes:
    Tuesday 8th: AllStars 2018 pack

    Friday 11th: 4 day Guild Bounty
    Friday 18th: 4 day Solo Bounty
    Thursday 24rd: 4 day Guild Assault (last event counting towards HB Championship Q4)

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    I don't know if I should confirm that the question of a way contacting your senior management is still relevant even emotionless since rewards were shown to the world for the 13 days guild portal, but you just ignore it so I can repeat it once more. How can we contact AH/AF/AWHOEVER responsible for running HonorBound? I'm also dying to know the smart one's name offering to double portals and bounties since we numerous times asked not to do that. No blame, no anger, it's an adequate purpose. People who don't do their job well enough should be replaced with those who would do it better, that's how world works and why we are alive, safe and so on. So I hope others expecting for the light on situation also step up.


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      Sorry, I thought your question was rhetorical since the answer is already on the forum. You can send Austin, Appholdings a PM via the forum,

      If we had more event types, we would not need to go back to back on solo / guild. As it is, solo events are considered free choice and the goal is to not have two guild portals or two guild bounties in the same calendar month.


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        I think we need other ways except forums and support e-mail where we can wait up to 48 hours... And I don't like you dodging answers again who offers schedules?

        What I mean to say it's not necessary having same guild events and solos one after another. Only assault is impossible for solo so there is enough options to get combinations without repeating types. You can make extra rewards for arena weekly top20 instead of any solo too... Come on, there are a lot options!

        No, that was totally not a rhetorical one because myself and the more and more people now doubt how deep are owners looking into the gameplay due to testing group's fails, numerous bugs in game not only during events (but especially at) and some weird timing 'updating' content.

        Plus continuous same abilities at 'new' heroes. I remember you saying those are set for 2 months forward but then I can have a question to you as well probably, why don't you offer them stop releasing those pretty repeated ones? You see how people react and I thought you are same interested in game getting better as we do.

        We told yet, if there's someone out of inspiration we can suggest heroes on our own. You can make more events with gear or energy packs / arena packs / essence refills as top rewards instead of such heroes we've seen whole December probably. I see no difficulty replacing one existing piece of code by another one yet existing piece of code. Especially if we talk about top mythics and legendaries...

        I understand we won't see decent heroes more often than they are but please stop overloading us with what has donating future. That is the third in a row with a Terra Ward, am I right? Each has other couple abilities different but Arcane Blast and Noxious Cloud..? Which is not even 4 at max it's not as overpowered as you think maybe your team also needs a Primal Infusion to secure comfort wins as many others doing yet for long and it works out. I am a 'lucky' man having first 4* mythic (didn't even get to evolve her after I saw other person maxing it, I'm disappointed with stats) and The Bodyguard (Noxious Cloud 4). Those both are quite OK but they better be secondary mythics with secondary level of power or stats for all the players who not interested much in speed running or just beginners so not having their teams set up. So comparing this new wizard and Bodyguard - no mana supply (for 15!!! mana ability) and ridiculous ward as for a wizard (those interested using wards use ones with mana infusion). And arcane blast. On a top mythic. For a holiday event. Longest event of the year...

        Sorry repeating same things but please pass the words to whoever should think at least is all this worth changes. Watching guilds quit and people ignore events is very sad. We can share ideas once someone responsible gets to admit his mistakes and become interested to listen the opposite side. We are more than interested playing the game but stop killing the competition please.

        Best wishes and happy holidays all!


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          Hello, capture event please... thank you


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            I had thought I would have used my Pirate Commander in a Capture Event by now.
            I assume it wasn't popular or is hard to get up and running.


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              I too wish to express dissatisfaction with back to back events that are the same, especially bounties. I understand it has to happen occasionally, but twice in the same month and two of them being diamond depleting events