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x10 bugged!

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  • x10 bugged!

    Reports are coming in that there is an issue with the x10 pull. The library looks empty. It is not. It is an easy fix for Support but there is some problem with the event legendaries. Trying to get the devs!

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    The event has been suspended. It is expected to continue tomorrow at noon PST. Scores are still there, runes are still there.
    If you can't see the heroes in your library, please write to Support (be sure to include exact account name if you don't write from the game). It is easy to fix but Support is needed to fix it.


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      The Guild Bounty will resume at noon PST (usual event start time) and run for 4 days, until Wednesday.

      Once it restarts, the scores and the saved event runes will be back.

      If you pulled 10 runes yesterday and can't see the heroes in library, please send a ticket. It is easy to fix but it needs to be fixed by Support.

      There will added boxes with gear and ordinary slimes boxes to the Guild Assault thresholds as compensation.


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        So this is the second guild event in recent memory that has been delayed because of a major bug. I'm not trying to be "that guy" but many people in my guild, including myself, feel that a few extra threshold rewards in the *next* event is piss poor compensation.

        Many games give out better compensations for less serious problems. How does it seem for a player who used to spend money on this game, but doesn't anymore because of stuff like this? Demoralizing. Why do I even keep playing? Why should I grind and spend lots of time for (usually) poor rewards, especially if you treat your customers with poor service?

        Point is, many people have left in the last year, and many more continue to question why they stay. Issues like this, handled with basically no empathy or compensation, will only drive players into the arms of other games.