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Prizes for 4 day Guild Bounty

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  • Prizes for 4 day Guild Bounty

    Hi HonorBound, please meet:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	E65ABBD8-96FB-4C20-93BD-3492F1DAE82E.png
Views:	825
Size:	1.07 MB
ID:	123856

    Rem the Enlightened, abilities: Mass Heal, Mass Regen, Spectral Shield

    Click image for larger version

Name:	E53D711B-2E17-4918-9200-C8D8B969C9BE.png
Views:	553
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	123859

    Greenmist Berserker, abilities: Minor Poison, Venom Legion, Whirlwind 4

    Click image for larger version

Name:	F576F141-7715-4B2E-93D0-9963EC838236.png
Views:	507
Size:	1.11 MB
ID:	123861

    Greenmist Ogre Fighter, abilities: Sunbolt, Infernal Slash, Murderous Reputation

    Click image for larger version

Name:	809991DD-AF51-4464-82C7-A053387B00BE.png
Views:	506
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	123860

    Maria of Mercy, abilities: Primal Infusion, Lunar Ward, Glyph of Focus

    There are mysterious prize boxes for top 6 (4/2/1).

    Packs are 10% off in the web shop,
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    hahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahhaah! dammn that's sooooo bad


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      Horrible IMO:-(


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        Why did we meet same cards? Is AH to lazy or has AH no acces to all cards? Wondering why! Honorbound has more cards! Due takeover from khg... It's a big data lost??? Rem was given out as 3* a year before! Where is the shark card as 3* for example. Just thinking about.... Why same cards??? Has AH bought honorbound with a cheap prize? Like half prize half cards?
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          Once, I discovered this game, thx to my son Logan who was downloading random games on FB, Honorbound, he called the game "Black knight" because he chose that abyss epic commander to begin with, "Wanna play black knight daddy wanna play black knight!"
          We enjoyed it and started to play daily and built up a super account, Wolverine Logan.
          I discovered a wonderful community thx to this, hanging and playing peacfully with awesome friends is a very rare and appreciable thing to do.

          ----> This event, this bounty, is good. <----

          Maria is a wonderful well built hero, none of the well-seasoned players will deny this, she should help new players face the story map, potential raids and of course arena.
          We all started at the beginning, many now own strong accounts with whatever arena or raids teams that can't really be upgraded, some events will still bring better heroes but it somehow seems that it's never enough, for many, THAT KEEP COMPLAINING ALL THE TIME.
          Recently we saw some players leaving the game, well there you go, it is an option that you have if your unhappy with it, just don't play that bounty, don't push to get those easier to win mythic slimes because there is less competition and go take your dogs out or wash the dishes! OR REMOVE APP!!!
          Should EVERY event give crazy strong heroes we would not even be able to evolve and level them because we'll end up out of slimes and essences? And then no more slimes left to help our multipliers during critical events??? ??? ???

          ----> ??????????????????????? <----

          And now next: this magic we have when we discover a game and enjoy it, well keep in mind that each time one is complaining he may remove magic from such players, that magic he also once had, THAT MAGIC THAT SON AND I STILL HAVE, if I was the game owner beleive me I'd be pretty much doing the same thing with events, why should we make those crying babies happy? Those who just keep SH*TTING the fudge on us?

          ----> Rather bet on new players even if there is less income and at least have happy players around. <----

          We see many scores at 0, yes lol, I get it, why would I score and help a guild that just keep complaining and says heroes are baaaad heroes are sh1ts ooooh what a lame ...mommy where are you! Rofl.

          I also like good heroes, of course, what I do is just stack slimes and 4* epics and wait for them to show up, meanwhile help newcomers, play arena, grow some researchs, why should I be unhappy??? Just to make it harder on myself? Rather quit if I end up feeling like this, but I am ain't and i really doubt I will, because I still see and feel magic around, and yes it is a lot thanks to this community.

          ----> FOR ROTA, FOR THE QUEEN, TIL THE END!!! <----


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            Cut the drama, brother. The only question is should most of events actually entertain or disappoint. This is not a kind of game you can spend an hour a day to hit top rewards.

            Magic? The magic is gone once they realize how USELESS in fact are those heroes and that power index means NOTHING when abilities lock you out... I prefer bitter truth whenever wherever and highly recommend others the same - realizing a waste in a couple months is wrong. But new players in this game understand NOTHING they just want mythics cuz it's cool...

            These random pop ups here at forums from people of a same guild with forum moderator protecting look so childish, guys, stop I doubt it's people having questions to her, it's rather questions to people who make those decisions having absolutely worthless rewards, same old mistakes and if they revealed FOR REAL, people would talk to them, not her. Being a middle-way between game community and game owners means you should pass some information both sides. Should I explain why? Or why are they repeated?

            But let's get back. Who cares of heroes, we numerously asked to replace top mythics and legendaries like these and previous event (when it's 2 guild events a month with SUCH rewards - it's more like a month OFF this game) with resources/gear/slimes - anyone ever been heard? 😁 WHEN did the last new guild relic take place? Shouldn't they be offered to #4-6 or #4-10 since they make no difference at all..? We keep getting trash masked under secondary rewards. It's nice to take care of rookies but they won't keep the game tracked, keep it real. And the fact people are leaving is the exact conclusion of lame management. You must be blind nto to admit that.

            Myself playing arena season 4 and (if 'lvl 200', which honestly will keep everything the same, burning chant arena teams and maybe more people will be able to kill dragons in solo - is the only thing to happen) goodbye, Honorbound. Was fun first couple months, I gave you way more tolerance, patience and time you deserve.

            And talking about community - do game owners (at least current ones who are here absolutely after all the teams been set up and relations between people is clear yet) do anything for this community to keep having fun? 100% copied arena seasons system, 99% ignored players improvements offers, 100% repeated arena streaks, heroes who are event multipliers and heroes rewards for events, outdated daily rewards system (I heard it's the same since the original developers?) and we are like walking rounds and rounds. So is the game community in any way an achievement of game owners work, huh? Playing this game a little less of 2 years I saw way more of my friends leaving this game than starting new ones.

            Again, the only question is should most of events actually entertain or disappoint

            P.S. month ago I said I quit posting myself anyhting here, please don't make me change my mind again. The only reason I show up even now is to remind you there are plenty of obviously demanding improvements things at this game which you are trying to hide under this care of new players. That's kind of you but I want to play the game and have fun, let's make it clear - MY SE LF HA VI NG FUN for the time I give this game, not bothering myself what and why makes new players happy. I think the bigger half of people playing this game will agree with me. You saw me helping rookies out with questions they may have at chat or at forums, don't say I don't care at all. Peace.


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              So give me some fun, pfft. Maria is an exciting hero, no complains. The whole arguing is about rewards for top 3 ranking guilds and their members who in total make like 5x score of ranking 5-50 together, top 3 ranking guilds and members who get secondary rewards (for some reason mostly better than top rewards almost always) only by hitting the thresholds (with secondary mythic for tier 3 rank 2 and tier 2-3 rank 3). Top myhtic is worse than Maria. MUCH worse. Can you deny it? No, no one knowing what and how is working at this game can. And it's numerous times over and over. Wise man said it's same sh.. the other day, am I right? πŸ˜‰ We leave comments on rewards not because we are bored barking between each other. It's a recommendation to pay attention the choice is bad. Are we heard? 😁

              We like the game, we just dislike A LOT how LAME are those who got all the mechanics in their hands are using it and how they treat us. Myself been trying to calm others down, giving owners/developers time to improve something but nothing is changing. No one says game is bad. Game's management is bad. And about heroes... I doubt I'll ever have better heroes than I have now (maybe the same options with a bit better stats in a year?) so I don't want any heroes anymore. I want something to help me keeping interest playing the game, not exactly raiding, not outscoring all those below me in events, not building arena squads (may have up to 10x different ones based on affinities, damage types, resistances, wards and stuff - I PROBABLY HAVE MOST OF THE BEST HEROES YET) and I think most of top 3 (5) guilds too.

              I want any useful rewards, right now there are too many USELESS things we are offered for the effort. Let's just reveal it in public finally: top heroes are worse than secondary heroes 90% events of the year. Facts! Aether and relics have no sense for top 3. Facts! Every event team spends way more time and resources than they are getting back, for top 25 and maybe even top 10 now it's not any dramatic but a worth participation for top 3 is 100+ energy packs all the time, do we need to compare the % of Vip10 using players of total players left? πŸ˜‰ and again, what we are offered as a reward is worthless mythics and legendaries 90% time. Slimes. Well, those are useful, probably the best part, but again, when I get heroes who are NOT WORTH USING, where do I soend those slimes at? Event multipliers? Ok, accelerating the library's overload again 😁 best rewards for now are bounty spelltomes and Danarius' treasure chests. I'd tripple them instead of top heroes we are offered, for real.

              So maybe someone shares some ideas how do we all as HB community motivate our players to keep playing the game rather than ignoring it when the game offers what it offers with literally paying no attention on what those players say on the rewards? πŸ˜‰

              What I want is having fun playing the game, what you are offering now is no fun at all. HB champs is a good marketing move that is absolutely SAVING the guild events' situation when most could boycott it, you throw them a bone to keep the chase. Am not a one to give people names but this is actually hard to be called competitive conditions. And I'm a one of those not buying it, too much time to be spent for something you offer. Can't say top rewards are bad but they are way too time consuming in a way too time consuming game by default.

              Again, the only question is should most of events actually entertain or disappoint.

              ​​​​​Stop saying obvious, guys. Find a way to make them listen and finally work for your good.


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                well, i made everything above clear. i can keep up with you all days. but you just repeating yourself. Just complain, complain. System, game heros.

                Iiiiiishhhhhhhhhhh... wakanda forever dude. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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                  Poor effort, mate. Really poor effort.

                  Upd: in case anyone wants to prove me wrong, answer my questions above or deny my words. Otherwise it's just a waste of time another once more. People have different levels of patience and demands, same as different levels of effort they can show. Talk is cheap πŸ˜‰
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                    That's 3 Am? 😝 brahhhhhhhhhhhhh. πŸ˜›


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                        。。。。。。。wait for the next event