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Update on the server issues

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  • Update on the server issues

    - Devs were running a new script to deal with the now known server issue. As we all know, it didn't work. They've changed it and it seems to be working.
    - The current event gets extended a day like last time so it runs until Wednesday.
    - The devs are working on a better, long-term solution to the server issues.

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    So when will this issues


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      When will this issues should be ok?


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        1) The dev believes he finally has a working fix for the current situation. Since it is 8 am where I am and I didn’t wake up to anyone saying it’s unplayable, sounds like he is right.
        2) They are working on the new server solution. It is expected to be ready some time in May. The game will need to be shut down for probably a day to move the content. Once I have a final date, it will be announced in as many ways as possible so the players are warned.