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New Ritual - Fusion - Karin - 05-30-2019

Now, this isn't the same as Evolution. Whereas Evolution consists of combining two of a single Hero to create a new one, Fusion combines two different Heroes instead (ala Megaten's demon Fusions). The resulting Hero would be specific to a certain combination (ex. Magma Elemental + Ice Elemental = Stone Elemental).

Zero the Dragon King

Fusion ideas (so far):

Magma Elemental + Ice Elemental = Stone Elemental
Magma Elemental + Stone Elemental = Crystal Elemental
Runewood Bear + Runewood Wretch = Undead Bear
Rimeholm High Guard + Rimeholm Necromancer = Rimeholm Abomination

(I'll keep adding anything that I think of. If anyone else has any fusion ideas, don't be afraid to share them.)

Zero the Dragon King

Very Creative i like your ideas


Would be awesome to fuse a hero's art with another hero's abilities keeping the stats and affinity of a stronger one. Limited by rarity and classes with your own name. Would be ANYTHING individual with even the same repeated skins...


RE: New Ritual - Fusion - Rashaka - 09-14-2019

How about fusing potions to create stronger ones?

Example: I have a lot of small healing pots I don't use and are sitting in my inventory,
so I fuse them to make stronger pots I will use.