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Ancient but still going strong! - Nuller - 06-05-2019

The Ancients family has been around for over 4 years now and have two guilds:

Ancient Acorns - if you keep getting kicked out of guilds for low score or recently started playing, we are still happy to see you. You can stay as long as you like with just 10 points in a guild event and as we make sure we always place in top 25, getting the mythic in top 8 is pretty easy. If you find out you want to play harder, we have...

Rise of the Ancients - we are a group of silly adults who take our fun seriously. We like to go hard in guild events but take turns at top 8 and know that real life can get in the way of your gaming. We do expect higher scores from players in RoTA but always there's always room for casual Rotans in Ancient Acorns. No one needs to leave the family if you play at all. You'll find us in top 5 in guild events.

We have a fun and friendly community on LINE.

If you want to join us, send me a PM here, contact me on LINE (Id: Nuller, shows as Nuller/Karin) or take your chances in Pending.

RE: Ancient but still going strong! - Bukwyrm - 05-12-2020

Just wanted to say that the Ancients family is still going strong! I was an original member shortly after launch and came back to the game recently. I was thrilled to see the old guild still kickin'!

Acorns has placed 11th in the last few guild events, while Rise of the Ancients is consistently 4th, and is starting to close the gap on the top 3. You have a great opportunity to get those awesome event prizes in either guild. Most importantly it is a great community to hang out with while playing the game!

Check out the contact info above to connect with Nuller and join us!

RE: Ancient but still going strong! - Nuller - 07-30-2022

Belated update:

Time flies and it's now been a while since we decided to limit ourselves to one guild and Ancient Acorns is where we now go nuts.

RE: Ancient but still going strong! - towandasilvia - 08-02-2022

Agree! Still going strong, the Ancients family