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Prizes for Guild Assault! - Karin - 10-17-2019

Hi Honorbound!

Please meet:


Kharaz Drake, abilities: Flowing Cut, Burning Chant, Channel Mana


The Cursed Bishop, abilities: Cleave, Haste, Primal Infusion


Lady of the Woods, abilities: Mass Heal, Primal Invocation, Smite


The Fire Keeper, abilities: Steal Spirit, Infernal Slash, Pickpocket

There are mysterious prize boxes for top 6 (4/2/1).

Packs are 10% off in the web shop, https://store.honorboundgame.com

RE: Prizes for Guild Assault! - TheVanguard - 10-19-2019

For some reason, when i try to evolve my Cursed Bishop, the game loses connection and resets its evolve count. What should i do?

RE: Prizes for Guild Assault! - Karin - 10-19-2019

If you picked up more than one threshold hero at the same time, they can get entangled. Write to Support and ask them to replace it, https://forum.honorboundgame.com/thread-4.html