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Phasmer's Takeover! - Karin - 04-04-2023

Hi HonorBound!

Phasmer returns with another take-over of the Elite runes. Between Tuesday April 4th and Thursday April 13th (noon PST) you can choose to use your Elite runes for summoning from a special pool of heroes. DO NOT summon from the old pool! Use the one that says Phasmer.

Be aware that, like last time, x10 summon does not guarantee a legendary. There will be Elite runes in the thresholds for the Solo Portal on April 7th. The packs, that will be up during the Takeover, will offer Elite runes but with 50% more runes than usual in the packs as there is no guarantee of a legendary. Packs are 10% off in the web shop, https://store.honorboundgame.com

For the duration of the special pool and for a week after, the Elite runes will look like other special summoning runes.

These are the commanders, mythic and legendary heroes you could get lucky and summon (epics are not listed):

The Primeval
Oromei the Unfaltering
Aya Fist-of-Endings

Noz’myx the Risen
The Abomination
Icthyox Hell Spawner
The Empress of Redfrost
Fallowick Nighthide
Chosen Sniper
Darkrealm Overseer
Servitor Behemoth
Aurum the Incorrigible
Runewood Predator
Sug-Yugol Wrecker

Mother Roslyn 
Warglaive Huntress
Jerran the Vain
Liashi Bowmaster
Evershade Pincer
Death Giver
Centaur Warrior
Maulgrasp Deckhand
Moroz the Lotus Wielder
Inquisition Enforcer