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Schedule for May - Karin - 04-29-2023

Hi Honorbound!

This is what is lined up for May:

Friday 5th: 4 day Solo Portal (Resource event)
Friday 12th: 4 day Guild Bounty (Collection, the first event in HB Champ 19)
Friday 19tht: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)
Thursday 25th: 4 day Guild Assault 

Thursday June 1st: Solo Portal

Arena Season 9 will kick off with the start of the new arena week on Monday 15th. 
The threshold prizes will be posted app. a week before that.
Honor was reset at the start of the between-season so there will be no changes there.

RE: Schedule for May - Limetka - 04-30-2023

Hi there. Since there is always a schedule ahead for the whole month, would it also be possible to have polls for us - players - to vote on event prizes we have? You would prepare a selection and we would vote on what we'd like to see. This could be prepared in advance for the whole quarter of a specific year. This way, the game would become at least a tiny bit more immersive for the players that stick around for a long time. I don't feel like it's a stretch to ask for a time schedule of events for 3 months in advance along with the prizes so we know whether it's worth our time or not.

Thanks for forwarding this to the dev team.


RE: Schedule for May - Karin - 04-30-2023

I will propose it to the team.