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AscendedSaiyans - The Waiter - 04-08-2020

AscendedSaiyans - Top 3 Guild with some 2nd place finishes (5-6 times I believe). We have many knowledge players who willing to help you become stronger and advance in-game, I've been in this guild for more than a year and I've grown a lot from noob to pretty good player Big Grin If you are new to the game and ready to put some effort into it or a returning player looking for new challenge, come and join us. You won't regret I promise, we just need more solid players grinding, compete for 2nd place with us
Requirement: 5th squad slot (we do sometime give 4th squad players a chance), grind Guild event, dedicated and loyal.
Thanks for stopping by to read my advertisement  Tongue

RE: AscendedSaiyans - Lanla - 04-30-2020

Thanks for sharing

RE: AscendedSaiyans - The Waiter - 05-07-2020


Guild Portal 06/05/2020

RE: AscendedSaiyans - Lanakila714 - 05-10-2020

Must be so proud lol after 2 restarts

RE: AscendedSaiyans - The Waiter - 05-10-2020

(05-10-2020, 04:58 AM)Lanakila714 Wrote: Must be so proud lol after 2 restarts

Just posted here in case someone ask :D

RE: AscendedSaiyans - The Waiter - 06-17-2020

Guild Bounty 06/05/2020