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Schedule for December - Karin - 12-02-2020

Hi Honorbound!

This is what is lined up for December:

Thursday 3rd: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)
Thursday 10th: 4 day Guild Assault
Thursday 17th: 4 day Solo Portal
Wednesday 23rd: 5 day Guild Bounty

RE: Schedule for December - Kronoprime - 12-10-2020

Yay! Five days of Bounty for Christmas
We are so blessed.

I Hates Bounty.


RE: Schedule for December - Lanakila714 - 12-22-2020

Why Wednesday instead of Friday??? Damnit jim

RE: Schedule for December - Karin - 12-22-2020

Friday is Christmas Day and we can't expect any kind of support if something goes wrong at the start. And things do sometimes go wrong. The thresholds are the same as for 4 day events, though.