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Schedule for August - Karin - 07-28-2019

Hi HonorBound!

This is what is lined up for August:

Thursday 1st: 4 day Solo Portal 
Thursday 8th: 4 day Guild Assault (first event counting towards HB Champ Q3 2019)
Thursday 15th: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)

Monday 19th: Arena Season 4 finishes. If you reach 339 mill with this week, you have one week to do one fight and get the last point so you can claim the Avenger emblem.

Friday 23th: 4 day Guild Bounty

Tuesday 27th: Arena honor will be reset to 0 and 4 weeks of season 4.5 kicks off. Information about prizes later.

Thursday 29th: 4 day Solo Portal (Resource event)