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Rampage Schedule - Karin - 04-07-2021

- For those looking to complete the Collection and claim the mythic hero The Withered. 

The time given is the start time of the Rampage given in Pacific time. Adjust accordingly for your time zone. Each Rampage lasts three hours.

Tuesday 3 pm
Wednesday 3 am

Tuesday 6 pm

Tuesday 9pm

Wednesday 6 am

Wednesday 9 am
Thursday 3 am

Wednesday 3 pm

Ice Elemental:
Wednesday 6 pm

Wednesday 9 pm

Thursday midnight

Thursday 6 am

RE: Rampage Schedule - Bandit_YT - 05-11-2021

Is rampage still going on in May I haven't seen any rampages yet? Also is The Withered a mythic or legendary when I look at the collection I see the legendary border around him but you called him a mythic so I am confused on if he's a legendary or mythic same thing with grinner.

RE: Rampage Schedule - Karin - 05-11-2021

There was another round of issues with the schedule, having another go starting tomorrow.

The Withered is a mythic but was originally a legendary. It got upgraded a couple of years ago.

RE: Rampage Schedule - Kronoprime - 05-12-2021

Working for me. Three events right on schedule.