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The evolution guide (slimes included)

There are several ways to evolve heroes/cards for max stats. Most takes a lot of the same hero (or slimes) as well as a lot of resources and as only 5% of the extra stat carries over to next evolution, this guide will look at only the final evolution step. 

There are two evolution methods mostly used in the game:

1) Quick and dirty. You do the final evolve with both cards at lvl 1. You won't get the highest possible power level or the very best stats but often you won't notice the difference and it will save you a lot of resources.

2) 'Perfect' evolve. You take the last two cards to lvl 100 before evolving. This will give you the best possible stats. 

It is possible to evolve earlier steps at lvl 100 but this is what you gain:
  • 1* + 1* = 0.000125 = 0.0125% of these stats are carried over to your final hero

  • 2* + 1* = 0.0025 = 0.25%

  • 3* + 1* = 0.05 = 5.0%
It is not worth it to evolve at levels higher than 1 if you are not going to take both cards to lvl 100 for the final evolve. 
If you are going for a Perfect Evolve, both cards have to be lvl 100. If one is lvl 1 and the other lvl 100, you lose all the stats gain. You don't gain anything in stats by maxing Attributes.


A slime is like a joker in a card game. It can substitute any hero (with matching affinity) so you use it when you run out of same kind heroes for your evolves. 

Slimes evolve this way: 
Two 4* epic slimes will get you one 1* legendary slime
Two 4* legendary slimes will get you one 1* mythic slime

Slimes have to match affinity to be evolved - both with other slimes and the card. As described above, you want to take both the hero and the slime to lvl 100 for the final evolve if you want the best stats. 

Exception: Perfect Slimes makes a Perfect Evolve at lvl 1 (both hero and perfect slime at lvl 1)

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