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Various Items - How to Use? Etc.
I have some items that have been sitting in my bag for a LONG time, and I have never come across anything in the game that allows me to use them. Does anyone happen to know:

1. Archon Fragment. Got this running the story dungeons. It says to research it to find out more, but Research doesn't give me the option. Can we get a use for this thing, or can we get it to go away?

2. Darkrealm Summon Stone. I won some of these in an event or something a very long time ago, and I have had 100 of them in my bag for ages. i never see an opportunity to get any more, and 100 isn't enough to do anything. How do i get more, or is there any reason to?

3. Resurrection Scrolls. Since these cap out at 100, I have been full for a very long time (both minor and major).  I continuously get new scrolls as chest prizes, but I actually get nothing since my inventory is full. Shouldn't there be a way to sell some of these off for gold so that we're not getting non-prizes constantly?

4. Potions. Same problem as Resurrection Scrolls. Capped out and getting extras for prizes that just vanish. If I could sell some of the ones I have, at least when I get more as prizes, it's not like I'm just getting nothing where I would otherwise be getting SOMEthing.


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Various Items - How to Use? Etc. - by LifeSwiper - 09-21-2019, 06:32 PM
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