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Fusion/evolution questions
Hello there. There's couple things I'd like to ask regarding fusion but I could not find it anywhere and the players seem to be split about the answers.

First things first, there is this thing that if you evolve heroes at level 100 with each other, you are bound to get the maximum outtake of stats from that. It is 5 % from stats of the sacrificed hero to be exact. This is true. However, there is a rumour going around that if you also +10 their attributes, it also counts towards the evolution. So basically evolving 2 lvl 100 heroes with +10 % stats is the most efficient way to squeeze maximum out of your own heroes. Is this truth or is the +10 % stats from attributes a hoax?

My second question: Following what was written above, I recently finished evolving one my legendaries. I am a collector, so I go for both - legendaries and mythics. I also go for max'd evolution, which does not include using slimes. I had 8x 1* Mad Haven Carpenter (legendary from the current guild event). I did 4 pairs of 2*, then 2 pairs of 3*, then a 4*. All of them were always at lvl 100 +10% attributes. Following this logic, I would assume that the power you reach with the heroes is always bound and fixed to be the same as you always have same stats on all of them.

At 1*, Mad Haven Carpenter had 540 power.
At 2*, being fused from 2x lvl 100 +10% attribute heroes, he had 621 power - but only in 3/4 pairs that I did. For some reason the last one got 626. How is such thing even possible when the stats are the same? Is that a bug?
At 3*, I had a 657/664 power heroes
4* ended up being at 697 power

Why was not the power at 2* at 621 for all of them? Or 626? So what is the exact system this whole fusion works on? I dedicate my time to play this game efficiently while having fun and collecting things as I am used to but these game rules and twisted maneuvers that are not stated anywhere for players to read them and abide by them are only taking the fun away.

Thanks for the help in advance,

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