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Purchase and contact fail !!!
I am 3 days waiting for a purchase to fall and so far nothing, I have already contacted support by the 3 possible ways and no one can solve my problem, and now, what do I do? do I contact my card to cancel or does anyone qualify to solve the problem? I bought a package of 5,000 diamonds + 30 summoning runes for R $ 190.00 ...
I am sure you will get help soon.
It's possible to get money back from Google. Contact Google play Support and they will help you.

To wait for 3 days while Event is running? It should be a high priority. Asuming they chill on weekend or dont work @ home. It cant be that things like this get not fixed on first hours....
"It's possible to get money back from Google. Contact Google play Support and they will help you."

I would be very careful about that until you have heard from Support personally. If they give you your missing items (as in this case) while you also claim your money back, your account could be banned.

While I agree that 3 days can be a long time to wait, it is better than the 3 weeks it used to be and this case here was not during event. Support is not manned 24/7. If you do have a failed event purchase that you feel you don't get help with fast enough, contacting me here on the forum or on LNE (Nuller) can help speed things up. So can making sure you have all the information with the ticket such as a copy of your receipt (which should not be Pending) and the exact name of your account in the game.
i bought a pack with 1000 diamonds and 10 summening relicks but have not yet received anything, can i get a refund or get my itams please?
Support will be able to help you:

You can help the process by making sure your ticket includes your exact name in the game and by attaching a screen shot of the receipt to the autoreply.

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