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Welcome to HONORBOUND!
Welcome to HonorBound!

As a new player, there is much to learn about the game. We have been trying to put together a few tips and recommendations for you.

  1. Keep an eye on the Updates and Announcement section of this forum to know what is going on in the game.

  2. Ask questions! We were all new to the game at one point or another.

  3. Always keep all researchers busy! There is a lot of research to go through to fully develop your account. Don't forget 'Classes'.

  4. Fight arena battles. You will get arena streaks that will help you with resources and as you grow, you will win weekly chests that has essence, ember gold or commander emblems.

  5. You can get a new commander by collection commander emblems (Research, Summon).

  6. Join a guild. Much of the attraction of this game lies in the guild communities. Join one to be able to fight the bi-monthly guild events and to be part of that community.

  7. Most guilds communicate in chat rooms with the LINE chat app. If you can, it is s good idea to download it and ask in your in-game guild chat how to get added to the chat rooms.

  8. Be active in events. Most guilds understand you can't score high as a new player but all will expect you to be active and you win most of the best heroes in events.

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