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Arena season 4!!
Arena Season 4 kicks off on January 7th. This means that when that week finishes we will get honor bonus again, working towards the ranking prizes for season 4.

Arena Season 4 finishes when arena week finishes on August 19th. At that time, honor and ranks will be reset in preparation for season 5.

You receive a weekly honor bonus based on your result for that week. There is a limit to how many ranks you can move up pr week. As you move up in rank, you will earn emblems, gear, heroes and commanders:

Vengeful GladiatorThe Avenger340 M
High WarlordThresher the Immortal240 M
WarlordAkaname the Meticulous169 M
Veteran CommanderRejuvenating Signet118 M
CommanderRing of Burning Sickels82 M
Veteran CenturionDarkrealm Orc Grunt62 M
CenturionValorhall Healer51 M
Veteran LegionnaireNorrec the Redeemed41 M
LegionnairePVP Necklace of Haste32 M
Veteran GuardMinor Essence Ring25 M
GuardCharm of Contained Flame20 M
Veteran GruntCommander Summoning Emblem x20015 M
GruntRing of Light Resistance x210 M
BrawlerDragon Marks x 100 M
Dragon Marks x 100Commander Summoning Emblem x201 M

Screen shots of the new commanders and heroes are posted below.

The arena week finishes each Monday (see time in game) and the prizes are paid out on Tuesday

1st10,000x Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
2nd5,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
3rd3,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
4th-10th2,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
11th - 20th1,000 Diamonds1x Gold Strongbox, 2x Silver Strongbox
21st - 32nd1x Gold Strongbox2x Silver Strongbox
33rd - 100th2x Silver Strongbox1x Bronze Strongbox
101st - 500th1x Silver Strongbox2x Bronze Stronbox
501st - 1000th3x Bronze Strongbox
1001st - 2000th2x Bronze Strongbox
2001st - 3000th1x Bronze Strongbox

Strongboxes hold essence, gold, ember or commander emblems. Gold boxes also may hold a PvP rune to a pack that is only visible in the store if you have such a rune.
Ranking heroes:


Valorhall Healer, abilities: Minor Heal, Mass heal, Channel Mana


Darkrealm Orc Grunt, abilities: Entropy, Primal Ward, Mana Infusion


Akaname the Meticulous, abilities: Deadly Poison, Steal Spirit, Mana Burst


Thresher the Immortal, abilities: Brilliant Blow, Mana Infusion, Demoralizing Cry
Ranking commanders:


Norrec the Redeemed, abilities: Deep Slash, Hellfyre Strike, Sword of Dirges


The Avenger, abilities: Siphon Life, Invocation of Terra, Haste
Everyone! This is the LAST arena week of this season. After this week, bonus honor will not be added again until season 5, honor will be reset to 0 and there will be a new set of ranking prizes once season 5 starts.
When will the prizes for the mini arena event be posted because I know for the last mini event you posted them the week the season ended
They will be up in a day or two.

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