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Full Version: The evolution guide (slimes included)
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(09-09-2019, 06:07 PM)Karin Wrote: [ -> ]Well, I didn't write the orginal post with the original data. I copied it from the old forum when we moved platform. The original work was done by Dalvian who has not been in the game for some years and number crunching is not my specialty.

As a player, I never max any evolves but the last two because the difference is so small. In fact, I will often do a 'quick and dirty' evolve where even the last last two heroes are at lvl 1. It does show in the final power level but the damage reduction is not nearly as much as you'd think. If resources are low I'd much rather evolve at lvl 1 than have a hero sitting in my library, useless, for months.

I did test if maxing the attributes had an effect since a post on the old forum said so but I found it did not.

Hmmm ... damn interesting. Well thank you so much Karin for the answer!
Yeah thanks Karin! Super helpful!!!
One more question, let's say I want to get the legendary slime from two epic 4* (not perfect slime)

Do I need to evolv these epic slimes in the same way as if I improved the heroes, so that this slime is not worse than the legendary slime that I already have
I.e, ((1 * + 1 *) + (1 * + 1 *)) + ((1 * + 1 *) + (1 * + 1 *)) + ((1 * + 1 *) + (1 * + 1 *)) + ((1 * + 1 *) + (1 * + 1 *)) (all slimes lvl 100)

or so enough (((1 * + 1 *) + 1 *) + 1 *) + (((1 * + 1 *) + 1 *) + 1 *) (all slimes lvl 1), and after evolution, this slime will be the same as other legendary slimes?
Quick and dirty with slimes
Power more or less, its not importend. Some abilitys do the same damage even with 50 Power difference. The game is coded simply. Some abilyts have more damage with higher Power level but it's unreal. Than you you have a few hundreds more damage. It's a Bonus but Bonus is small, very small.
Kesa, I agree with Mr Insight. I don't think anyone maxes the evolution of slimes. Or that it would be worth it to do it. You may get 1 or 2 more in final Power Level but it will have no importance.
I took The Watcher at lvl 1 as it was “born” evolved it with a lvl 1 abyss slime and finally reevolved it with a perfect mythic slime... as you advised us! So why my evolved hero has 615 power now when most of 3 lvl Watchers have 617??  Angry
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