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RE: Random questions - Kesa - 11-18-2019

Heyooo Karin, i wanted to ask
I have a russian Discord server for this game, where there is a lot of useful information for players, which is not on the old wiki or on this forum. Can I post a link somewhere? I think it would be interesting to russian speakers who go to the forum in search of answers for the game but do not find them

RE: Random questions - Karin - 11-20-2019

Thank you for asking first. It's okay to post the link.

RE: Random questions - Celestial-Soul-18 - 11-26-2019

Just a general question that looks for no specific answer. But, I know that their have been commanders in the past that were both legendary and mythic. so I’m just wondering if In the future you’ll consider giving the originals mythic titles. just thought maybe it would be cool to see them back in action since their unique.

I defiantly would like to see them again.

RE: Random questions - Kesa - 01-29-2020

Is it possible to somehow change the name of the guild through technical support?

RE: Random questions - Karin - 01-29-2020

Unfortunately not.

RE: Random questions - Zero the Dragon King - 12-09-2020

Who exactly owns this game? Because most sources still point to Juicebox...even though they apparently went belly-up years ago.

RE: Random questions - Karin - 12-09-2020

The game was bought by AppHoldings just over three years ago. They bought it from Kings Head Games who bought it from Juicebox when they closed in April 2016.

RE: Random questions - Snowcago - 03-22-2021

Aether x25,000 for guild reward top 25 I placed 17th didn't receive anything? I got the characters I was supposed to get though. This was for the event that just finished today

RE: Random questions - Karin - 03-23-2021

Support has to add it manually. Just send a ticket.

RE: Random questions - Snowcago - 03-23-2021

(03-23-2021, 07:14 AM)Karin Wrote: Support has to add it manually. Just send a ticket.

What do you mean by send a ticket Karin ???