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Announcing the start of HB Championship 11
HB Championship is concluded and both the last leaderboards and the prizes will be around, given a little patience. Prizes are added manually by Support as time allows.

The next round of the HB Championship will kick off with the guild event starting today.
Prize tiers are below as well as the general rules.
  • After each guild event, the 20 players who scored the highest in that event (regardless of guild) will be posted on the forum on a separate leader board.
  • #1 gets the number 20, #2 gets the number 19, etc.
  • After each event during the three months duration, the numbers gets added up and an updated HB Champ leader board will be posted. 
  • At the end of the three months, the full list of HonorBound Champions will be announced and prizes will be given (see below). And then we start over with another three months. 
#1: 4 Mythic slime boxes, 5 Champion boxes
#2: 3 Mythic slime boxes, 1 regular slime boxes, 4 Champion boxes
#3: 2 mythic slime boxes, 2 regular slime boxes, 3 Champion boxes
#4-10: 1 Mythic slime box, 3 regular slime boxes, 2 Champion boxes
#11-20: 4 regular slime boxes, 1 Champion boxes
Below #20: 2 regular slime boxes

The Champion Box will have high-end resources. 

Please note that the score count is for the guild you finish the event in. If you moved around before guild lock, only the score from the final guild counts. 
Once the 3 months long Championship is finished, prizes are added manually by Support.
Nice starting champion 11 when will you pay out prizes for 10 it’s shocking how bad this game is getting
"Prizes are added manually by Support as time allows."
While I understand people are impatient, it would probably be a worse situation if the next season had to wait with starting.
Impatient??? Hahahah! We have been waiting weeks! This is the only game where everything takes forever to receive!

I think waiting weeks is patient enough! Give us our prizes already!

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