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Let us choose what abilities we want for a change
(12-10-2020, 04:46 PM)Karin Wrote: The heroes for the Christmas event are already made.

But requests/ideas for abilities are always taken note of and welcome.

I’m sorry but this is definitely not true. Our suggestions are never taken into account.

Who suggested we want heroes with abilities like Curse of Ancients, Minor Heal, Poison Strike, Volley, etc? Tell me where? And where will we use these heroes? The game is limping on one foot as it is, don’t you believe to keep it alive we should be playing for prizes that will make us excited about the game instead of wanting to just quit because of nothing worthwhile?

Take the last event. Only 2 of the top guilds actually grinded it out and another extremely active guild did not bother (I won’t name the guild but it’s easy to deduce). Why do you think that is? Because the prizes were not worth playing for.

Our suggestions fall on deaf ears and always have been; either that or our posts get deleted (like all of mine have).

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