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Call for All Stars 2022!
It is time to call for suggestions to the All stars 2022 pack! 

What were the best legendary and mythic heroes from events or packs this year that others should get a chance to summon or that you missed out on?

The All Stars pack will be out in January as one of the special packs for purchase between events.
Derrick the crazed, the legend amongst the legends
Proud leader of Derrick cult and officer of Ancient Acorns
I look forward to putting this list together....

Derrick stinks, by the way! ;p LOL! :-)
I think I got them all...! :-)

The Executioner
The Huntress
Chosen Stinger
Ryun Storm-of-Ending
Eric Hawkeye
Neskro the Deceptive
Evershade Guardian
Miguel the Forsworn
Toryn of the Burning Alter
Obsidian Orbus
Molten Golem
The Exorcist
The Night Terror
The Holy Grail
Mag of Chaos
Ostus Backbreaker
The Empress of Redfrost
The Vessel of the Serpent
Icthyox Hell Spawner
Dozer the Deadfist
Runewood Terror
The Lone Archer
Dwaddles Dunrunner
The Abomination (from the Guild Bounty prizes, not from the Arena Season Threshold prizes)
Tundra Goblin Archer

The Pilgrim
The Heart of Veknor
Garrothe Vampire Bane
Spiderkin Grunt
Nolan the Overseer
The Forgotten Slayer
Reginald the Undead
Warglaive Huntress
Norrec Nightheart
Cyclops Fighter
Liashi Bowmaster
Kram the Bold
The Masked Swordsman
Mother Roslyn

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