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Original post:

The Dragon, NEW mythic


Wall of Fortitude, mythic

Chipahua, mythic

Nightshade Vampire Gnat, mythic

The Light Wielder, mythic

Servitor Carver, mythic

Chained Flayer, mythic

Haleos, mythic

The Thaumaturge, mythic

Swiftclaw Wing Clipper, mythic

Curser Dalma, mythic

Madding Wind Commander, mythic

Brass Skull, mythic

The Scientist, NEW legendary

The Davenport Drifter, legendary

The Duke of Blood, legendary

Hachi the Fierce, legendary

Hugimont Devourer, legendary

Eisheth the Damned, legendary

The Wolfbrother, legendary

The Recluse Queen, legendary

Duskweald Fighter, legendary
Thanks EZ! You rock

The Dragonm, Chained Flayer, Swiftclaw Wing Clipper and Chipahua are the best in my opinion.

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