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New Characters and Expanding the Community
IrYes It is obvious that the reintroduction of used character art can only go on for so long, and even many of the new heroes are simply recolored versions of existing models. However, i think that there is a way to avoid reusing this and breathe some new life into the game, expanding the potential audience of the game while not changing the core gameplay.

Allow a channel for players of this game to submit artwork directly to the current developers, who can then customly curate the kind of hero art work that makes it into the game. This channel allows us, the users, to have some form of participation with characters, as well as ensure that the style of honorbound is maintained. The abilities and stats can be left to the developers for balance purposes. This would breathe new life into the events, and attract a new playerbase of artists as well as develop a more active community and create new revenue streams.
I'm just waiting for a cool terra character that isnt this weird creature. The bottom tier rewards for events look kinda weird and their abilities suck. I dont want a team full of these beast looking creatures. Give me more humanoids. Oh and a knight shouldn't have the rogue steal ability. What's going on there guys. That really isn't balance...

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