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Prizes for 4 day Solo Portal!
Hi Honorbound!

Here is a second chance to win:


The Bug-Eyed, abilities: Noxious Cloud, Poison Bolt, Demoralizing Roar


The Legacy of Hannul, abilities: Major Regen, Ice Comet, Channel Mana


Tempest Sneak, abilities: Steal Spirit, Void Strike, Demoralizing Cry


Hugo Halberd-Wielder, abilities: Defend, Hellfyre Strike, Terra Ward

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,
Problem with threshold rewards - all rewards disapper after reloading the game.
Just found out. The event has been paused until a dev can take a closer look.
The event is back up. It will be extended a day.
Threshold rewards are still not being added.
Update: the thresholds were added earlier when the event was restarted. Right now they were not. I noticed that Ember Heist was up and remembered that Trial of the Gods was creating problems for some players during last guild event. Ember heist has been stopped now, threshold prizes get added and I have been told that the ones that appeared not to have been added are back in the library.

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