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Full Version: Call for Allstars 2019 pack
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T'is that time of the year to call for suggestions to the Allstars 2019 pack! What were the best legendary and mythic heroes from events or packs this past year that others should get a chance to summon or that you missed out on?

The Allstars pack will be out in January as one of the special packs for purchase between events.
My favs are: -Frozen Venomspitter
                 - Datsue-ba

Just gonna throw ya a list of the best I’ve seen in 2019.
Oracle of destruction
Admiral loxtil
Pearl throne champion
Arrow of rimeholm
Captain ursus
Epicus the silent
Frozen venomspitter
Danarius the protector
Glislul the armorian
Risen enchanter
Sarah the freebooter
Kenzo of the grimshadows
Lord nightrealm
Vanyume the kharaz
Haar the disgruntled
Queen of frost

Donnil the vigilant
The sleeper
The assasin
Rhea dhaub
The spider queen
Madding wind sniper
Grumlink the departed
Greenmist hulk
The brigadier
Ash Skull
Just a friendly reminder that it has to be heroes released for the first time in 2019.
OK  thanks for remind. Well as for me I would call for Captain Ursus, Admiral Loxtil, Oracle Of Destruction, and  Frozen VenomSpitter.
Haven Squire has my vote!

If Alren the Adamant came out this year, him as well.