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Contact Support if you want any of the following commanders removed
Hi HonorBound!

As we all know, you can't remove a commander from your account. But Support can help with removing the commanders listed below (the ones that cannot be summoned). For other commanders, doubles can be removed.

You must write to from the email that is registered as login for the account.
- include your account name and the exact names (copied from the list below) of the commanders you want removed.
- Be sure the comm has gear equipped that you don't need.
- Support will ask for your confirmation before the commanders are removed. Once you have confirmed, the commanders will be gone for good.

Commanders that can be removed are the following:

Maerlgorl the Vicious
Paracelsus the Equestrian
Fero Fireblade
Vicious Gladiator
Arena Challenger
Asric the Crusader-King
Lord of the Pirates
The Enraged Baronet
Kalsor the Ultimate
Kalsor the Excalted
Gyre the Undefeated
The Greenmist Ghost
The Baronet
Norrec the Redeemed
The Sword of Sorrow
The Knight of Haven
Admiral Kundek (prize, season 5.5)
The Lost King
The Avenger
Elizabeth of Haven
Empress Fela-Alshin
Naema the Enraged
Valan the Eternal
Isadora the Merciless
Commander Dannil
Jay of Light
Derrick the Ascended
Emerald Defender
The Honorbound

The King Returned
Aya Fist-of-Endings
Deadrei Cointaker
The Maker
The Reclaimer
Admiral Kundek
Mistress Blackheart
Oromei the Unfaltering
Chosen Extractor
Kyo the Vengeful
Tothnyla the Vengeful

The Baronet
Kalsor the Avatar
The Unchained
Brunol the Returned
Mizz Blackheart
Kyo Fang-Of-Vengeance
If you have multiples of commanders that are not on this list, you can have the spare ones removed though you have to keep at least one. Support will ask you to put the one in the squad that you want to keep while they are processing the request.

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