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Game crashed
The dev has pulled an all-nighter and is still working without having slept at all. I'll post here as soon as it's up.
The game is back up.
The game is back but all The progress has been erased, my guild was at 10.8m now its back to 8.5 and al the runes i had are gone
The event was rolled back to some degree for all. But after doing one fight, and updating the info, I find I got a lot of my points, even a key, restored. The extend of the rebuilding of the broken server is not something we have seen before, especially not during an active event. So we learn as we go.

By request, the event will be extended another 24 hours to give people a fair chance at reaching the thresholds they aim for. There will be a bunch of goodies in the threshold for next guild event, low enough for all active guilds to get them.
Karin, I lost all of my progress in the Arena that I did Saturday morning before the crash. Is there any way to recover all those victories and rank?
Try to play and see what gets updated. We are all in the same position. It took almost 24 hours to get the game back up and running so what we have is what we get.
I also just noticed my High Warlord status is gone and it now says I am a "Vengeful Gladiator".
I’ll check up on the arena details. My guess is it will fix itself the way it does after the weekly restart but I haven’t looked at it yet.
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