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The Lady of the Moon Pack!
The Lady of the Moon, NEW mythic
The Nut Cracker, mythic
Lord Nightrealm, mythic

Mathilda of Haven, NEW legendary
Grumlink the Departed, legendary
The Grafter, legendary
Madding Wind Sniper, legendary
Greenmist Hulk, legendary

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,


The Lady of the Moon, abilities: Mass Regen, Burning Chant, Minor Heal


Mathilda of Haven, abilities: Brilliant Blow, Spirit Blade, Mana Burst 5
211k HP, whaaaaaaat?
Kesa - leader of the organization "Let's Say NO to burning chants!"
Is there any mistake? 211k of HP, how can I able to kill that thing? Please explain
The Waiter - Proud Officer of AscendedSaiyans  Big Grin
That looks like a mistake. I’ll take her back to the shop...

Taking the pack down for now. It'll be up again in June with a nerfed Mathilda. Anyone who got her now will see those changes to HP reflected when it goes through.
Is it only her HP that will be fixed? Everything else stat wise looks okay.
I agree that it is the only one that looks way off so I hope the devs will deal with that only.

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